September 4th, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence

I stuck my spine in its chest and that made it really mad

Skippy Stingray was unavailable for comment today after the death of one of the animals on the location of his latest film. Skippy, well known to viewers of the Discovery and Wildlife channels and the hit sitcom, Everyone Loves Ray, was filming his latest show, Airbreathers of the Austral Regions when the incident occurred. It is understood that in a freak accident, a spine from Skippy's tail became lodged in the airbreathers' chest causing some kind of seizure. At the time Skippy had been attempting to provoke a reaction for the cameras by inserting his tail into the airbreather's ear. It is well known to everyone under the sea that airbreathers welcome this kind of horseplay and that it also helps improve their swimming speeds.