October 1st, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence

That PC meme

Name 12 characters you have played in RPGs, before looking at the questions that follow. List your characters numbered 1 to 12, with the name of the RPG you played them in. Once you've picked your 12 characters, look at the questions and answer accordingly. (No peeking until you've picked your characters!) Put your answers behind a LJ-cut.

1. Cassim, the eumuch strangler (1001 Nights)
2. Crash, junkie singer with Flaming Taft (Mortal Coil)
3. Marcel, French ex Siegfried Brigade (Cold City)
4. Jenny, florist loner (Breaking the Ice)
5. Phil Masters, scriptwriter (Call of Cthulhu)

I'm having a hard time thinking of five characters, let alone twelve, and I'm pretty bad with names.

6. The history teacher from Simon's GURPS Gateway campaign
7. My viking Odin worshipper from Dave's RQ Vikings
8. Zusto - My thief from Dave's d20 Fenice campaign 
9. The Austrian ballerina in Paula's Vampire game
10. My gnome illusionist from Dave's AD&D campaign
11. Son of Zeus and a cow from Enemy Gods
12. The Texan gun merchant from Esoterrorists

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