October 13th, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence

Best Friends

A Finnish LARPer from Story Games was in town last night so spencerpine organised a pub meet. There were five of us in the end with Drew (who I know from SteveCon) and Alex. We talked games and such, immersionism and laughed at the naivety of some American theorists. We had noodles at Wagamama and played Best Friends, boxninja's game of girlfriends. Characters are defined by what they hate each other for which nicely sets up the group dynamic for the rest of the game.

We were New York 20 somethings getting together for my character Marie's pyjama party hen-night at ruch-bitch Susan's house. Marie was prettier and cooler than most others but not very tough. Her stuff (i.e. possessions) were all trendy new things and her nonsense (i.e. what defined her) was Art House Fag Hag and "Susan makes me kiss her". Interestingly Susan's nonsense included "Marie makes me kiss her". The game revolved around seeing who could lay my boyfriend Brad (who had been summoned to deliver drugs) and whether the marriage would go ahead even though Marie really loved Susan. Swedish exchange student Karin got her mitts on Brad, Marie and Susan threw journalist Ilana in the pool and kissed, Yvonne and Susan persuaded Marie to marry but aim for a quicky divorce. The game ended with the marriage scene as Marie, who believed in marrying for love said "I do" to Brad whilst looking at Susan. Neat!

The game seems a bit loose on rules for when it might end but this seems to be driven by the narrative and worked out quite well.