October 17th, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence

No Orange for Steve

Orange's broadband service has been out for two days. They don't say anything on their website nor on the customer helpline so I only found out because the Beeb have an article on the matter. So no home access which, because I can't read it at work, means no email either.


In other exciting news, I've been on temporary promotion to Team Leader for 21 months and that ends on Halloween. My job has been advertised but, because of staff cutbacks, on level transfer only - which means I can't apply for it unless they don't get a suitable candidate. Some bugger has applied so unless he fails the interview, I'm back at the lower grade.

So I've applied for other jobs at HMRC (Revenue and Customs in Somerset House) and FSA (Food Standards Agency in Kingsway) and we'll see what happens.