November 14th, 2006

Tea-drinker par excellence

Another interview

I had an interview at the Food Standards Agency today. It seemed to go pretty well. My 5 min presentation entitled "What is OR?" seemed to go down pretty well. It was helped by the FSA telling who the panel were so I googled them and found some papers they had written and was able to include some points they made about OR in these papers.

The interview was the usual stuff about projects, staff management and analysis. At the end, I asked a question about professional development and support in the FSA. I know it's only a small team, only 5-6 analysts so this kind of thing is bound to be an issue. When the panel member mentioned the lack of mentoring support, I was able to offer help through my contacts here at the DWP where I work. There are 80 or so of us and we're only 15 minutes walk away. That seemed to work well too. I hope that it's not seen as too aggresive.

That's it for the moment. It'll be a couple of weeks before I get an answer from either panel though.