January 16th, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence

Cold count -3

I got a new diagnosis this week, which matches one I suggested to a doctor about 4 years ago. At least I've got the proper things for dealing with it now. Our new doctors are so much better.

I finished Nova Swing. It was good but somehow not quite as engaging as previous MJHs. I think he is taking his slice of life approach further and not really bothering with plot any more. So nothing much really happens but it is extremely entertainly written. I've also noted that MJH's romantic streak is getting wider.
Tea-drinker par excellence

Brain fever

I was at home with flu today so I popped up to Sainsbury's, 5 minutes walk away to buy some lunch. When I went to pay for my food, I realised that I'd left my money at home. Then I realised I'd left my keys too. And it was raining. So I left my bags behind the counter and went in search of money and keys

Fortunately, our neighbour often works from home however he wasn't in today so I had to phone Paula at work. She was in Wimbledon but luckily it only takes 25 minutes by train so I spent a short while in the library before nipping back to the station where I sheepishly greeted Paula.