January 22nd, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence

Cold count -4

Still going strong. Had to postpone parental visit in Colchester as a result so the kids will get their presents in February now.

Reading loads still. I've been getting quite a few graphic novels recently:
Gotham Central 1-4, four colour style exploration of what it's like to be a cop in Batman's city. Not bad at all but slightly too close to the more colourful Powers to be in a class of its own.
Renfield, rather dull version of Dracula from Renfield's pov. Has the word "OK" at some point which really grated and doesn't add anything to the story.
BPRD 6, excellent stuff with much on the background and motivations of the crew and a creepy French aristo to boot.
Night Trippers, more vamps, this time 60s fashion. The graphics are rather angular and immature but the story and dialogue are pretty good. I enjoyed this much. I'm assuming that this is the same man who bought Hogshead, but I easily could be wrong.
Jack Staff 3, the quintessential British hero. The story seems a bit muddled but I just love this guy's heroes and villains. There isn't one of them who's a waste of paper. Quirky and fun.

I'm sure there's something I've forgotten.

I also visited Bookends on CXR which flogs relatively new ends of line cheaply. I got the first two Captain Ala-whatsit, Spanish swashbuckling now a film with Viggo Mortensen, a Jeanette Winterson and Margaret Atwood that acompany the excellent Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong (read it, it's very interesting) and The Bullet Trick by Louise Welsh about a down at luck stage magician set in London, Glasgow and Berlin, all for £14. I've started the latter and so far it's suitably grimy and engaging.

More than one word meme

Right. All that one word stuff is a bit dull so how about a nice story.

I'll write the first part. Comment with a continuation of the story and copy this comment to your journal, with a link to the entry so the story can be read on from there. Use an lj-cut to show which entry number you have for that story.

So any comment under this entry represents a different continuation of the story from my entry, not subsequent parts of the same story.

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