January 26th, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence

Cule for Cats

I got my CueCat today. This is a barcode scanner that I'll be using to put my books on LibraryThing. It cost me £10 including postage from the US and worked first time. It requires no drivers either because it counts as a keyboard.

There is a snag that it exports data in a proprietory format but LibraryThing doesn't mind, and even better, this website has a little utility that decodes the data to text (or can run it through any scripts you care to write).

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Tea-drinker par excellence

Each time you engage in premarital sex

Why did nobody buy me one of these?
"You are like a beautiful rose.
Each time you engage in premarital sex,
a precious petal is stripped away.
Don't leave your future husband
holding a bare stem. Abstain."

It's beautiful how doggerel enforces abstinence. It's pratically a spell although I guess they wouldn't enjoy the comparison.