February 12th, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence

The Joy of Windows

So I got my new PC up and running. I noticed this morning that the date on the clock was last year so I changed it. Big mistake. For some reason I haven't been able to verify XP via the web so I have to phone them up. You do get thirty days to do this but of course, now that the date has been put forward a year, the thirty days are up. So I can't use my new PC and I've got to use the laptop again.

I guess I could reset the date using the BIOS controls but I'll just wait until tomorrow to phone them.
Tea-drinker par excellence

More Joy

Emboldened by my achievements, I decided to update to IE7 cause I like the whole tab thing and Firefox is for wusses. So I installed SP2 which is needed for IE7, crossed my fingers for the 90 or so minutes it took to install and, hey presto, everything worked. Except for my wireless network. I could detect the networks I just couldn't connect. So I checked all the security from the laptop, reinstalled the drivers and finally reinstalled the card. This last one did the trick and at least with plug and play you can just turn hardware off rather than having to yank it anytime it plays up.