April 24th, 2007

Give me rock or give me death

So that's OK then.

I was channel hopping and found on BBC1 a programme about the putting together of Grazia, a weekly women's magazine. They have an editorial policy to include hard-hitting articles amongst the celebrity news and in this issue, they were having a article on Robert Pickton, the Canadian pig-farmer who is on trial for the murder of 49 women, to which he may have confessed.

Grazia were understandably horrified by the details which included Pickton allegedly making sausages out of his victims and distributing them for free locally. The magazine had an interview with the mother and sister of one of the victims, and this is (roughly) their conversation about the piece:
"So who have we got?"
"Well, we've got the mother ..."
"How old is she?
"Oh, that's a bit old. And how old is the daughter?"
"Ah, that's much better, much more our age range."

They then talked about whether the picture they had of the daughter made her look sexy enough.