May 7th, 2007

Guerilla Roleplayer

SE27 to NYC

This month is Lambeth literary month, next week it's Doris Lessing whose jokes are probably not as good. There's also an SF writers workshop on the 18th but tonight we saw Mark Thomas in the august surroundings of West Norwood Library. West Norwood has very little to offer apart from an enormous cemetary but they do have a nice 60's style library with its own theatre, and the drinks were free.

Mark was there talking about his new book As Used on The Famous Nelson Mandella which covers his adventures in the arms trade - such as starting up arms deals with some 6th formers and a nun. I know he may have caused some trouble for davidt3001 in the past but he's a pretty good guy, and quite funny too. Funnier even than John the Baptist to whom some of his more religious fans have compared him. Yes, there were the fare share of loonies, or nuttahs as Mark calls them, in tonight. We had someone who said chemical warfare was killing bees, possibly at Coca Cola's behest, another one with 9/11 conspiracies and aforementioned godbotherer, although she was harmless.

Mr Thomas was pretty fair with all of them, much more, I suspect than he might have been at a real gig.

And we've now booked for GenCon Indy and I'm going through Weird America looking for things to do on our drive from Indy to NYC. Pennsylvania and New Jersey seem to have the most entries but I do wish they'd used a map
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Monsieur le Président

Anyone who has ever lived in France will recognised the new president from such films as Le Gendarme et les Gendarmettes as Louis de Funès.

Here's the proof, if it were needed.
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de Funès was a kind of Benny Hill/Jerry Lewis comedian, very physical and I kind of liked him. Which is strange given that I don't like either of them.