June 8th, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence

As time passes on the bus to work

And through it all she offers me some breakfast
Coffee or tea first?
Do I want it weak or strong?
And as my waist expands
If my trousers contain me
My belly won't break free
Bacon, sausage, eggs, she won't make me
I’m having bagels instead
Tea-drinker par excellence

Outpost GB Steve - It's a rough place

I escaped from Outpost Gbsteve!

I killed Jeregenest the cleaning droid, Wickedthought the nutrivend drinks machine, Kit Hartford the red-shirted ensign, Muskrat John the Dalek, Queenortart the maintenance droid, Thefon the tribble and Montecook the tribble.

I salvaged a H.P.-LOVECRAFT-20 plasma rifle, the Log of the USS Bobmungovan, a Formerpirateian artefact, a forteanlithium crystal, Jimboboz's commbadge, a BALBIN forcefield generator, John Marron's commbadge, Viscount S's commbadge, a Philosophy screwdriver, a CTHULH forcefield generator, an ursulavlithium crystal, Autopope's commbadge and 76 galacticredits.

Score: 481

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