August 10th, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence

Free random classic

On the promise of a blog review, Penguin will send you a random classic novel. I've signed up. They send out an email confirmation of the book they are sending out so I'll find out tonight.

I'm not sure that this works outside the UK & Ireland.
Tea-drinker par excellence

Nerdcore Nation

NY Times has a report entitled "Dungeons, Dragons and Dope Beats" about MC Chris doing not quite a parody of rap for white middle class kids. Still full of bitches and hos though.
Tea-drinker par excellence

An honourable mention

Jeff Vandermeer had a little competition on his blog to write a new ending to the Bourne Ultimatum, one that fitted with the ethos of the whole series. I've only seen half of the first one but I had a go anyway and got an honourable mention, for not taking it terribly seriously. The winner was impressive though, even makes want to see the other two and a half films.