October 8th, 2007

Tea-drinker par excellence


Still no web at home. Orange, who now own Freeserve, made me check every single link on my side of the connection from reinstalling drivers to replacing all the filters. They aren't about to accept that the problem is at their end without a fight.

Round 3 is tonight.

MJH on Fantasy

Following on from the issue he has with HPL (closure), M John Harrison decries how this infects much modern fantasy.

Write it out of some emotion of yours you never understood, or some decision you made you’re not sure if you regret; but never once name that emotion or let me see the decision. I want what’s underneath. Make it short. Remember the world never had a plot, & that there’s no difference between a “myth” & commuting to work, they’re just two really excellent ways of narrating the life out of life.

Someone posted a counterpoint, or perhaps a complimentary point, from Guy Gavriel Kay.

MJH does tend to the antagonistic when making points about literature (and gaming), but they are never less than interesting.