October 10th, 2007

Give me rock or give me death

Landing on Planet Zog

I did my back on Saturday. We were walking down Bedford St after a pleasant amble round the West End when, walking past Tesco, I turned to chilledchimp and ricked my back. So I stood there for a while whilst she braved the supermarket and fetched me pain killers. By Sunday the pain had pretty much gone.

But last night, whilst dealing with the broken VCR (see previous entry), I did it again, but worse. Fortunately chilledchimp managed to dig up some Cocodamol, which is not a circus performing monkey but Codeine/Paracetamol.

I took two this morning and now I have no pain. On the other hand, I'm no longer sure which planet I'm on. This is probably not the time to be reading Troika about a jeep, a brontosaurus and a old Mexican woman wandering about in a desert. Not because it's confusing but because I'm starting to feel like one of them.