October 28th, 2007


Busy weekend so far

On Friday night we went up to Cambridge and had a very pleasant evening with jholloway, akonken and friends. Wine was drunk, cake eaten and breeze shot. One of the things we talked about was Passive Aggressive Notes. Apparently chilledchimp had a letter returned at work last week from a Not Known At This Address that was excellent.

We also talked about Luchadors, Sheriff Steve Dempsey and his Japanese sidekick, your and my favourite resident of Uruguay, RPGpundit and the mess that the Beowulf film threatens to be.

Cheers guys!

Today we walked around for about 5 hours, going to the Folk Museum and the Fitzwilliam. We also came back with many more books than we took, courtesy of the Haunted Bookshop's rich vein of Bunters and the Holloway's overflow. We picked up some pretty decent fish & chips at Sea Cow and now I'm veging on the sofa with the Sox up 6-0.