November 21st, 2007


A colleague just showed me his chopper

It's a bronze age axe head that his dad found in some kind of hoard. It had obviously never been used and apart from a bit of verdigris and plough damage was in excellent nick.

The thinking was that it was either some kind of stash where a smith kept his wares or something ceremonial. They seemed to make far more axe heads than they could possibly use and many are found either with things stuffed inside them or wrapped round things.

In other news, I just read The Bone Pedlar which was a pretty decent Dark Ages romp with a Mythos sting in the tail. I've ordered the two sequels via Abebooks from whence the series is available for about £6.50 + P&P.
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Roman game handouts

Lacking any real decent printing, handouts for roleplaying games during Roman times where a bit more bulky than those that you might produce with Campaign Cartographer.

The Severan Marble Plan measured circa 18.22 m in width and 12.87 m in height. You can see much of it on this website, at least what hasn't been ground down to be used as cement.