January 21st, 2008


Dirty dogs, growling and barking with gusto

Yes! I know that a voice coach has produced CDs for Americans to learn various foreign accents (RP and Cockernee amongst others) but now the Guardian tells me some for Brits to learn American as she is spoke. I fully intend to give this a go.

Three years ago at Origins, I played an American in a roleplaying game. My accent was so appalling that they took the character away and made me play Biggles instead. I shall overcome.
Tea-drinker par excellence

The anthology of political dullness.

I'm back at work after a few weeks off for Xmas hols and a few weeks off with bronchitis. As you can imagine, going through weeks old emails is not much fun so I've been wiki-skiving a bit.

I came across this gem on the entry for Ivo Sanader, the Prime Minister of Croatia:

"Sanader was also accused by Ivan Drmić, former member of Croatia Democratic Union, for framing election for president on the 5th convention of Croatia Democratic Union. Spokesman for Croatia Democratic Union, Vlatko Maček, said such accusation belong in anthology of political dullness."

Any other candidates for entry into the anthology?