March 4th, 2008


Who would win?

Using the England and Wales census data for religious affiliation, who do you think would win the following fights (based on numbers of adherents, not supernatural or other powers)?

Jedi Knights v Sikhs, Pagans and Catholics?
Scientologists v Satanist, Vodun and Occult?
Brethren in Christ v United Brethren?
Amish v Mennonite?
Tea-drinker par excellence

Everyone lose a level.

I met Gary Gygax once. When I say met, it was a Q&A at Gen Con in Manchester along with 300 other geeks. But I did have a chance to ask a question. Mine was about amateur game designers, what are now called indie. I asked what Gary thought about them. He said he wouldn't get heart surgery from an amateur heart surgeon.

That said, the random harlot encounter table will always have a place close to my heart. Collapse )