March 25th, 2008

Tea-drinker par excellence

Three freaky things

All three have been gacked from BoingBoing.

First up we have a cardboard R'lyeh, for all those budding Lovecraftians. Well, it cyclopean and made of cardboard, so recylopean? Sorry about that, Up Pompei! is going on downstairs and it's going to be hard to cope with chilledchimps punning for the next few hours.

Next, you've probably already seen the baby elder things that someone has dregged up from the Antartic, have they thought about what will happen when Mum comes looking for her offspring?

Finally, and for those with a more Delta Green bent, it looks like protomatter has arrived. Keep that ultraviolet light handy and stay away from the hospitals. Given chilledchimp's recent brief sojourn, it may already be too late for us.