April 25th, 2008

Tea-drinker par excellence


We played Tbilisi last night. This is the game I wrote to disprove some roleplaying theory. It's quite a fun little game in it's own way and not particularly like any other game you might have played. It also has a silly name.

But anyway, the game, it turned out was about the Brixton Ghetto, set in a 1970s retrofuture, with magic. A wall had been thrown up round all of Brixton west of the railway to make a prison. It had been like that for some time, generation even, and nobody could really remember why. Every so often hit squads would come in and kidnap people for some dire purpose. They would never be seen again. Our plucky band of heroes, the Banana Bunch, who hung out in the back of the ruined Tesco on Acre Lane were determined to escape. This required finding an Original, one of the people from when the wall went up.

After some scrapes, the characters made it to some kind of underground rave in a cellar under Coldharbour Lane, run by the Reverend D Love, a magician in exile. The rave was powered by people on bicycles and other generator and it was this vibe that made the magic work. Love was persuaded to part with a Dansette and stack of 45's for the characters to test whether the magic would work outside the wall. They also took one of Love's acolytes.

This is where it gets really bad, and I'm surprised Simon didn't pick up on it earlier.

I asked the players to name the acolyte and WK called him Marley. They got chatting to Marley as they tunneled out. It so transpired that there was nothing more that he liked than spinning tunes and eating doughnuts. "Doughnuts? What are they?" asked the naive heroes. There followed a complicated explanation of how to make a doughnut from basic principles. It turned that Marley liked to put crushed berries in his. That's right, with jam in. With jam in, with jam in, with jam in, with jam in, with jam in, I hope you like jam in too.