May 27th, 2008


What he said

From the Guardian.

Julia Neuberger, rabbi and Lib Dem peer asks Christopher Hitchens, journalist, critic and author

Q Why are you so angry about religion? Don't you think your very fervour - and certainty - make you just like the religious extremists you profess to despise. And where's the room for doubt in your analysis?

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I worship the mighty atom

I remember reading that one of the initial reasons for building nuclear power stations was to provide weapons grade material. Any energy produced was a fortuitous by-product. I wondered how much Uranium we had left if we were to convert to nuclear power. According to this debate, quite a lot. Certainly, one would hope, enough to see us over the bump until we make fusion a better deal.

So whilst I'm definitely in favour of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and tide, I'm also a supporter of nuclear power, especially when it is maximised for energy output rather than weapon creation.