September 30th, 2008

Tea-drinker par excellence

Creative writers writing creatively

It's that time of year. Adult Education has started up again and I'm doing another year of Creative Writing. Actually it started last week but I was too ill to attend. This year I've graduated to the Monday Writers class at St Francis Xavier, the Catholic College where the course is run. Our teacher is the able Julie Garton and it seems that this year will be just as good as last. There are 15 of us which is possibly slightly too many but everyone seems to be in the right place to support and nuture.

The homework for this week was to produce five different interpretations of the same event. It's from Raymond Queneau's Exercises de Style if your familiar with it. In our case, we had to describe a man falling off a bus and a woman smiling at him.

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We also did some Oulipo automatic poetry, replacing all the nouns in poems from John Betjeman and Phillip Larkin with the seventh noun from random pages of whatever books we had to hand (a variety of stats manuals, some bibles, Camp Concentration, a Katherine Kurtz novel, ...).

And then we looked at psychic distance and wrote a piece from the Wolf's point of view on his first meeting with Little Red Riding Hood.

Not bad for two hours work, with a tea break.
Tea-drinker par excellence

IT help please

My nice Packard Bell 3 button CO-3UP mouse has stopped working and I'm back on the MS Serial Mouse with the horrible clunky action and no wheel. My finger is hurting!

It's an optical USB mouse, it's still powered up but just won't move the pointer any more. I used to be able to unplug and replug but even that has stopped working now. I also tried chilledchimp's USB mouse and that won't work either.

Any ideas?