December 2nd, 2008

Tea-drinker par excellence

Why Palm Oil is bad

A major new study has confirmed what we've suspected for a while. Palm oil plantations "reduce plant and animal diversity, and do little to reduce carbon emissions".

We try not to buy anything with palm oil in it. It's becoming increasingly difficult. For example, peanut butter often has the expensive peanut oil taken out and replaced with palm oil, most Xmas pudding contain palm oil and in the US, it's replacing corn oil in a lot of products.

It's difficult to find information on the web about palm oil that hasn't come from one of the bodies promoting its use, funded by the companies that produce it.
Tea-drinker par excellence

News archive search

Looking for a story on Google about a particular place or person at a particular time? Try the News Archive. For example, if you want to look at stories about Barcelona in 1930, you can do this and then click on the time line to move to different dates.

The source of the articles is fairly limited but this looks like great for background research when writing about a particular time and place.