January 3rd, 2009

Tea-drinker par excellence

The Big Match Nostalgia

I've just been watching the Big Match on ITV4, Man U 3 - 5 West Brom from 1979. Cyril Regis and Lawrie Cunningham destroyed United. Cunningham in particular looked like a footballer from a different age, so much faster and what control. The Man U players seemed to spend a lot of their time just trying to kick him up in the air, with little success.

The other things to note from the game were the complete absence of any protest or even discussion of any refereeing decisions, that's changed, the talk of what "black players" bring to the game and the booing from the crowd when they got the ball. You hardly get that at all in England now so I guess I can live with the players whining at the ref in exchange.

The Big Thing with the Big Match is, of course, the music. Those chords take me right back. Here's the intro from 1975-76, a good one for any West Ham fans.