January 20th, 2009

Give me rock or give me death

Take that Guardian crossword!

I couldn't sleep last night so was sitting on the sofa looking at the paper when I idly noticed that "see chintz" is an anagram of Nietzsche. An hour later, and with some help from chilledchimp, we'd done all but three clues. I don't think I'd ever got further than one or two before.
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Vinni Pukh

Apparently many Russians didn't know that Vinni Pukh was our very own bear of little brain.

Here's a Soviet animation from 1969. Although it's not quite the bear I remember, I think it beats the Disney version into a cocked hat.

Here's the first episode:

You can see the rest here

Michael Rosen talks about this on the iPlayer (UK only).

BBC Radio, brilliant, isn't it?
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Go Administrative Area #3!

That was a beefy speech. Nice to see atheists and scientists got a mention. The bits about the army and the war got the biggest cheers but there was quite a lot of economic and domestic policy in there. He was always going to have to go some to match just the occasion and it took him a while to get going. I didn't think it was a keeper particularly but I'm more interested in what happens next.