February 8th, 2009

Tea-drinker par excellence

The Internet at the Science Museum

The Science Museum in London has this incredible exhibit called Listening Post which displays random message from internet chat sites on a board of green text displays. At the same time some of the messages are read out, each one in a different tone. It's hypnotic. This is what it looks and sounds like, but really, you should go and see it. It's free too but it's only there until the 21st.

Here's my phone video:

The artists have their own, obviously much bettr videos here but you need to download them. Youtube has several more videos too. This one shows the "I am" section very well.

Some of the messages are silly "night night snuggle bunny", or trivial "there was a mouse, terissa" but lots are discussing Afghanistan and some are quite chilling "kill the jews".

6 crisps in 6 days: #1 - Duck in Hoisin Sauce

I've got some packets of the new flavours of crisps from Walkers. They're have a vote on which one should join their regular stable and although I'm not interested in that, I would like to see how close they get to the actual flavours.

So first up is Duck in Hoisin Sauce. The smell is very meaty, possibly a bit too yeasty but not unpleasant. I give a crisp to chilledchimp. She's no fan of Duck but she's joining in. We both try some and, you know, that's pretty close. It's not what you'd call a good Duck but it's definitely duck and there are quite strong undertones of onion, possibly a bit too sharp, and there's the sweet almost smoky flavour of the hoisin sauce. There's even the slight greasiness that you get with duck.

So, all in all, I'm pretty impressed. I don't think I'd eat them again but it's a very good try.