February 18th, 2009

Guerilla Roleplayer

"The Bombs are faling from the sky like raindrops ...

... and all are ankle deep in blood. I'm having as much fun as a monkey."

That's what Che Guevara wrote to his mother whilst being bombed in Guatemala by American planes in the process on replacing the democatic regime with a puppet dictatorship. Plus ça change.

Anyway, listening to the Mark Steele lecture on Guevara.

And here's a thought, Oliver Cromwell, Britain's most succesful revolutionary, probably had abroad country accent, a bit like Norfolk. Arrp!

He comes from Africa, he's better than Kaka

This used to be the song for John Pantsil but it's been transfered to Hérita Ilunga.

He's doing pretty well I think, and not just for a couple of important FA Cup goals. And he seems pretty friendly in his blog. According to this, he's just started to learn English which is a bit weird given the number of games he's played.