March 11th, 2009

Tea-drinker par excellence

The world's biggest lie

A fake countess from where I live described her fortune as "300 followed by 41 zeros" presumably pounds (that's thirty tredecillion according to this website). It's even a lot in Zimbabwean dollars. Let's call it $4*10^45. That's quite some going given that the number of stars in the known universe is around 10^20 (give or take a few noughts).

The monetary value of the world, pre-crash was around $40 trillion (4*10^13).

So for each star in the known universe she claimed to have about a trillion (1*10^12) times more than the wealth of our world.

I suppose she avoided people who could do maths.
Tea-drinker par excellence


Where is the acupuncture point to cure pins and needles?

If you find the reflexology zone for the foot, can you just rub that and cure everything?

If you forget to take your homeopathic medicine, is that an overdose?