May 15th, 2009

Tea-drinker par excellence

Druids. Who They? What do? And why?

Ron Hutton's new book, Blood and Mistletoe: a history of the Druids in Britain, is reviewed by the Independent here.

They say it 'is a tour de force: surely the definitive work on our perception of the Druids. The only thing missing from this exhaustive account is an overview, however brief, of today's colourful Druid groups – an odd omission by the acknowledged historian of neo-Paganism. For that, you need his earlier book [The Druids: A History].'
Tea-drinker par excellence


The League of Gentlemen is back with this explanations and a trailer here.

Ideal has a decent line in dark humour but doesn't go as far as LoG. Funland was good too.