March 8th, 2010

Tea-drinker par excellence

A few things we didn't see in Malta

It's not all old stuff in Malta. Paceville (pronounced patcheyville), just up from St Julian's is the latest resort. Half of it is given over to an enormous Hilton complex with designer shops, a bijou harbour and a casino. The other half is a modern shopping centre with international shops and brands, all shiny and new. In between are all the night clubs and strip joints. We had a voucher for two for one at one of them, but it didn't say what we would be getting half price, entry, drinks or something else.

And then there are the theme parks. There's a waterpark on the North coast, a short bus ride from St Julian's. It was shut in March but has lots of interesting looking slides.

Further afield, the Popeye film was shot in Malta and the film set is still there. You can visit Sweethaven here but we didn't.

Finally, one thing that did tempt us, but just not quite enough, was a tour of the Playmobil factory.