April 21st, 2010

Tea-drinker par excellence

Llewellyn-Bowen gets confused

He was interviewed on the news this morning, having just flown in, and said something like:
"We were turned back to Mauritius, so we were all there together, the plane, the crew. We were all in the same boat."
Tea-drinker par excellence

Flavour Cup #2 - Dutch Edam Cheese

I went to Asda in Clapham Junction and found six more flavours today, as well as some cheap and juicy satsumas, but revenons à nos moutons. The DEC crisps smell vaguely cheesy in a fresh kind of way, a bit like quavers lite. And the flavour is pretty much that too. Nothing on the front of the tongue but a pleasant cheesy flavour, a bit like quavers again but not so strong, or those cheese and chive pringles. In all, not an unpleasant crisp but hardly a break-through in flavourmatics.