May 5th, 2010

Tea-drinker par excellence

Gaming theory list

John Harper in his blog says that the best way to understand gaming theory is to play these games. It's a list that heavily loaded towards indie games and so I own almost all of them (all but one in this list). However there are a few I've not yet played (in italics). I would add GUMSHOE to this list as it does things that no other game does whereas I'm not sure you need so many indie games. And what about Rocky & Bullwinkle or Dallas? Groundbreaking in their time. It's a list that is short on history (or geography, all the games are American bar one or two).

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Tea-drinker par excellence

Ticking my boxes

An event at the Astrological Lodge of London this month:

17 May 7:00 Placebo – the role of astrology in Fertility treatments?
Nicola Smuts
Does astrology actually help patients suffering from infertility? Or does it merely confuse the issue? What can astrology offer that no other branch of knowledge can? What role does the astrology play and if it turns out to be little more than a placebo – is that enough?
Nicola Smuts is a consulting astrologer, living in the UK. She has a diploma from Rod Suskin School of Astrology in South Africa, and a medieval diploma from Astrologos in the UK. Nicola lectures internationally on her fertility work, and her research and methods in this field are pioneering and unique.

If only she also claimed to be a homeopath chiropracter, she'd have covered pretty much all the bases.