January 12th, 2011


Give it a rest already

I watched the West Ham - Birmingham game last night which we, West Ham, somehow contrived to win despite being a man down and playing very badly in the second half. The team looked very fragile, even in the first half which they dominated, and it was clear that any pressure from Birmingham was going to cause trouble. Fortunately for the Hammers, Birmingham didn't take advantage of this at first.

The main point of interest for the commentators was the possibility that the manager might be fired. Admittedly the team aren't doing very well at the bottom of the Premier League but they are still in two cup competitions and only 2 points separates them 14 place. But it seemed like every comment was about how the manager might lose his job. The fact that they'd beaten Man U 4-0 in the previous round seemed uninteresting, even though no other English club has done so this year. It all was very down on the Hammers so much so that chilledchimp got bored of my comments.