gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Reformed baptist church of god?

The row about the Holy Sepulchre reminds me of the Emo Phillips joke. Not quite as good as his one about his sister always spoiling his fun but still up there.

And I've possibly been playing too much D&D lately given that I typed Unholy without even thinking about it.

Apparently, "Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Catholics, among others - have always jealously defended and protected their own particular parts of the site. Disputes are not uncommon, particularly over who has the authority to carry out repairs." And now a roof is falling in and Ethiopians and Egyptians cannot agree on the repairs. I think they'd rather see it cave in than come to any kind of settlement, even though the Israeli government has offered to foot the bill.

The best bit is the fact that there is a ladder that has been perched above the front door since the 19th century because they can't agree who should bring it down.

Does anyone have hope for peace in the Middle East?

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