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Here's the blurb:
For £50 we'll sell you a Gold Membership card valid until the day you die, we'll even throw in a FREE ticket to the cinema to come and see our new screen. Treat your loved one or treat yourself to the gift of the century, this offer is going to be available for a limited time only, with a limited number of cards available.

Our helpful box office staff will be selling them from the moment we open on Monday 15th Dec, either rock up in person, or call us on 0870 8112559.

Please see our membership page for more details on the benefits of being a PCC member.

Mine only cost £15 so it sounds quite a lot but you also get 10% off at Forbidden Planet and Belgo's. I'm not sure how much I've saved with mine over the last 10 years or so but it must be hundreds.