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Why no psi?

Given the immense weight of evidence in favour of evolution, isn't this a big one in the eye for psionic powers. If these superhuman powers were of any use, surely they would become more widespread? I suppose if psi were only ever recessive traits then perhaps they might not become more prevalent but even so, you'd expect some increase. Perhaps the trait is capricious, based on the combination of many different genes making it more unlikely to survive generations.

The other thing that strikes me is that such powers seem to be extremely culturally determined. Fads come and go in which are the most popular, mediumistic powers were very strong in the mid Victorian period but declined sharply later. In the 60s, remote viewing was a big one and it's now all but disappeared. And nowadays, whichever TV programme is popular tends to determine trends in Forteana, including psionic powers. UFOs, since the wane of the X-Files, are very much on the decline.

As someone was saying the other day, there should be more sociological studies of parapsychology to look at this kind of thing.


Jan. 26th, 2009 06:40 pm (UTC)
Perhaps we're all psionic and are not consciously aware of it.

Psionics may very well work as an all or nothing effect and in order to coexist we 'ignore' our psionic senses.

No? Well can you tell exactly what your nieghbour's pherenomes are telling you about him/her and would you want to know anyway?