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No work tomorrow for me!

I had a bit of day of it today. I had a rush job at work so I got in at 7:40. Around 10:30 my neighbour phones up to say that our burglar alarm has gone off. So I rushed home and sorted it out. We've got a malfunction so they technician is coming tomorrow morning to repair it, just before we go to Continuum. Also my contact lens fell out on the way home. The upshot is that I didn't finish my work but the boss seem cool about it, especially as my email shot of all MPs seems to have brought some dividends.

We saw Shrek 2 last night. It had a high gag ratio and nice graphics, and a bit when every female member of the audience went "aahhh". You know the clip I mean.

Back to today, I managed to sort out some of Parisse during my 2 hours spent on trains to and from, and from and to, and to and from work. I've know got some more on the background: the social structure of the place and an idea for dealing with NPCs. NPCs will have the same three stats as PCs (i.e. Self, Others, World) but no passions as such. Instead they will have traits, as will PCs. These are stackable bonuses to ratings, probably worth 2pts a piece and come in such varieties as "Lucky at cards", "Spirited", "Resistant to gentlemanly charm", "Wooed by poetry", "A mean sword", "A gentleman of means" etc.

My ideas for background are rather nebulous and based more on a sentiment than anything tangible. I'll have to try to convey some of it at least in description but I hope that the rules will encourage the kind of play I want. I've got some time on Monday and Tuesday and I hope to have something playable for Thursday week.


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