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The School of Life, a bookshop in Bloomsbury offer a number of services besides merely selling books. They have courses on how to ... be optimistic or an idle parent for example, sermons on sex, humour and other pithy subjects and bibliotherapy.

This is described as "consist[ing] of an unusually in-depth conversation about your attitude and experiences of books (you might read one a day or not have picked one up since school), during which you are invited to share your particular area of concern or curiosity (anything from Japanese archery to how to rediscover your creativity). Following the discussion, you will be given a beautifully presented reading prescription. A longer list will be sent to you by email within the next few days."

Sounds very cosy. It's £35 about the same as any New Age therapy.

They do other things as well, there are courses in art and play, meals (for singles or gay men in Valentine's week) and even holidays.

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