gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Faux Bert

Apparently Faubert had a weak debut for Real Madrid. Given he was West Ham's second worst player after Boa Morte, that's hardly suprising. I just can't understand why Real wanted him, unless he played a blinder against Spurs when Ramos was in charge. The last few times I saw him, he couldn't pass or tackle, nor was he particularly fast. Prior to his injury he had been shaping up well so perhaps he just needs some time. Boa Morte on the other hand ...

Still it's a million in the bank for the Hammers which we probably need with only a month until we need to find a buyer.

That said, the team is playing very well and didn't look outplayed by Man U yesterday. I think had we performed like that against Arsenal, we'd have beaten them. We probably gave them too much respect.

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