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6 crisps in 6 days: #2 - Cajun Squirrel

We were mildly surprised about the Crispy Duck in Hoisin Sauce yesterday and looking forwards to the Cajun Squirrel today. Indeed, when I got home from Creative Writing chilledchimp was perched, owl-like, ready to pounce on the fuzzy little critters.

So, the smell was vaguely barbecue, hint of lemon, paprika and parsley. The initial flavour is quite delicate, slightly meatier than chicken, almost rabbit with a decent hit of paprika but too much parsley. And then the after taste kicks in, a kind of greasy peppery cardboard flavour, as if you'd been licking old pizza boxes. And I can still taste it now.

So not a winner. Yuck.



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Feb. 10th, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
I managed to sample the 6 crisps in about 6 minutes last night in the pub (we had a packet of each in the middle of the table), but this has the disadvantage that you can't quite tell which of them it is that left the nasty aftertaste.

I must admit that in the case of these ones I couldn't distinguish the meaty taste from "chicken". But I did find the spicing quite moreish.
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