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6 crisps in 6 days: #5 - Builder's Breakfast

chilledchimp is playing out in the snow tonight so I'm taking this heavy burden on my own. it's not English Breakfast as I reported yesterday but Builder's Breakfast and is apparently Eggs, Buttery Toast, Bacon and Ketchup.

It all sounds a bit messy and it's hard to see how they can get all those flavours to emerge but we'll see. On opening the packet the odour is just somewhat buttery, slightly toasty with a hint of pepper and tomato. Not bad.

Now I don't like ketchup and I particularly don't like it on eggs because it makes them go weird. So I wasn't looking forwards to tasting these crisps but suprisingly the flavour is quite pleasant. One can ineed taste the buttered toasts, eggs and some kind of tomato flavour, but it's not ketchup because that would be nasty and this is somehow a clean, crisp and pleasant taste that leaves your palate feeling rather refreshed. I'm not quite sure what happened to the bacon but I'm quite happy to eat the whole packet and think this is probably my favourite one so far.

And now, just as I'm typing this up and the other flavours have faded or been washed away by my mug of tea - I was going for the full builder experience, although I suppose I should really have had two spoons of sugar, I have a not unpleasant after-taste of bacon in my mouth.

Even better than the Onion Bhaji I reckon.
Tags: crisps

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