gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

6 crisps in 6 days: #6 - Chili and Chocolate

We open a packet and sniff. It smells vaguely spicy but not really chocolatey. We try some. It tastes of chocolate, a bit and then it's hot, a bit more. It is chili and chocolate. Then chilledchimp says her sinuses have cleared so she says she likes them.

And I think they're fine but not particularly exciting. I think the chocolate flavour needs to be stronger, and that's a problem with a lot of these new flavours. But they're OK.

So, here's my order for the six new flavours:

Builder's Breakfast
Onion Bhaji
Chili and Chocolate
Duck in Hoisin Sauce
Fish & Chips
Cajun Squirrel

That said, none of them are really a patch of my favourite crisp ever, the nose-clearing, eye-watering, tongue-burning Golden Wonder English Mustard crisp, sadly no longer available.
Tags: crisps

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