gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Unremitting Horror haunts me to my grave

The Practice

The practice is an ancient organization of
monstrous entities that were once medical
practitioners and scholars that dabbled in
things they should not have. They appear as
vaguely human, yet horribly mutilated and
disfigured. Their faces are covered in scars
and stitches, where they have replaced parts of
themselves or practiced surgical techniques on
their own bodies. The Practice have been around
a very long time. Its members stood by Galen's
side as he made his pioneering incisions into

The surgeon is ready for you now...

The Book Of Unremitting Horror on sale now.

All images and text copyright 2005
Pelgrane Press

The Book Of Unremitting Horror reveals your death.
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I ran the scenario from the book with my group and it went rather well. I possibly managed to make it even more seedy than was intended.

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