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And home for tea.

Continuum was at the weekend and I had a great time. I caught up with many friends and played some pretty good games. The highlight was probably the 24 player, 8 characters, 7 GM Call of Cthulhu tabletop game. Paul Fricker wrote it and deserves a medal. The characters were great, the challenge gripping and the horror unremitting.

I managed to run a couple of games of Hellboy. The first one went pretty well but I felt that the second needs more work. I'm not sure I managed to involve all the players all the time. Mind you, it was just after an excellent Cthulhu scenario from JT, East End gansters v the Triads. I was the Fraser the Razor, modelled on Vinny Jones. I enjoyed pushing people around especially Jim "Grandad" Jones played by Adam Crossingham. I had pretty much the same players and it's hard living up to JT enthusiastic presentation.

I also sat on a panel with Charlie Krank about scenario writing. Unfortunately half the time was taken up by this frothing wanker who would just not shut up about his home campaign. A shame. I shall just have to write an article for Places to Go, People to Be instead.

Talking of which, issue #25 is almost finished. Expect an announcement any day now.


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