gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Magged by whollyrandom

That's my new word of the day, magged=meme tagged.

Five random facts about myself. As someone with statistical knowlegde, I'm always a bit dubious as to the randomness of things. Most people tend to avoid cluster when trying to be random. So I've used a random number generator to choose 5 years from my life and I'll try to remember something that happened in each. Because that's the kind of geek I am.

So the five years are 1978, 1981(twice), 1990, and 2004. I'm not sure of the exact dates of my facts but they're near enough.

1990 random fact: I escaped punishment for my dastardly deed.Collapse )

1978 random fact: Nostra-Steve predicts.Collapse )

1981 random fact #1: Steve can't speak French.Collapse )

2004 random fact: Steve sneaks out.Collapse )

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