gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

A short play

We're going to be writing some two minute radio plays soon. I was looking at spencerpine's journal and for some reason, this popped into my brain.


'Don't put it there. It's all muddy. Put it in the sink.'
'Oh, ok. There - what do you think?'
'I don't know. What am I supposed to think? Where on earth did you get it?'
'I dug it up.'
'What, in the, our garden?'
'Yep. Isn't it great?'
'Er. I don't know.'
'I mean, I don't know what it is.'
'Oh, come on. Look! See how big it is. And all round like that. They don't grow on trees you know!'
'I guess. It's just a bit soon. We've only been here a month. Where do you dig it up?'
'Come on, I'll show you where I found it.'
'No, that's OK, just point out the window'
'It was over there.'
'In the bed along the fence with next door. I was just turning it this morning, ready for planting some roses and there it was.'
'So it's not ours then.'
'What? Of course it is. "If you dug it, hug it", you know how it goes.'
'Yeah, but still'
'But nothing. It's ours. Help me...'
'Are you sure you didn't just dig under the fence a bit?'
'No, I did not. Now help me ...'
'But it's all so sudden ...'
'But it's what we've always wanted!'
'I guess.'
'Right. Now help me pull the mud off. It's very important that it sees both of us. I wonder which it is.'
'OK. I'll just roll up my sleeves, move over.'
'What shall we call it?'
'What? Give us a chance, let's see what it is first. There - pull that bit off. There we go. It's ...'
[Together]'A boy!'
Tags: creative writing

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