gbsteve (gbsteve) wrote,

Plotinium in its purest state, and other matters.

The brave and possibly overzealous* PCs hit a rich vein of plotinium last night. So far they've been chasing vague clues around the countryside, running down chaos where they meet it, following up red-herrings and gaining awareness of someone pulling the strings, the mysterious Casius.

In yesterday's installment, they finally found, in a desolate graveyard, evidence that Casius was the grandparent of Lady Aradia, the other PC (who was a home writing the Billy Bunter LARP for Dragonmeet). Apparently he'd walked out of his grave about 15 years previously.

In a previous SF game, there was a substance that enhanced psi-powers that was mined on our PCs' home asteroid that became known, in game, as plotinium. If any turned up you could be sure that something significant was going to happen. Fortunately in my game last night, mentions of plotinium were held off until after the session.

*They did raid the florist's guild whilst trying to get an appointment. In fact, although I'm trying to run a low-powered and gritty game of fantasy, I'm finding it very difficult to have the player characters impressed by anything. For example, the Order of St Jerome are a bunch of fanatical Paladins intent on stamping out chaos. They tend to stick heads on spikes and ask questions afterwards. The PCs have seem them in action mercilessly slaying peasants and rashly challenging a Dark One of Shub-Niggurath. Even though they took heavy losses, they look the business.

But whenever the PCs interact with them, they always question the authority of the Order. I suppose it's because I'm running this as a med-fan game rather than historical CoC for which it is designed so the expectation of the PC as adventurer and free-spirit is there.

There's also the fact that a 100 pts GURPS PC is pretty kick ass. Under 4e one mage can crank out a 9d fireball in three seconds and the other can transform into a 20' bear doing 7d claw damage, twice per round. Together they managed to defeat the Dark Young but only just, and there were two more in the wings.

So when they get to the Florist's guild and are refused an interview with the very busy guild head, they rush the admin staff, steal the diary, charge into the office of the head who is away on business and make threatening noises towards very precious plants. It's just a bit disappointing really. I guess it's the old AD&D thing that PCs will only really respect something that can kill them.

On the other hand, there is a great vibe between the PCs, some NPCs are being developed and interacting well with the characters, there have been interesting events each week and generally the game is going pretty well. Characters are developing and caring for contacts they have made and are developing recognisable idioms. If there's a tentacle flopping around Sgt. Jance is the one who gets grabbed, if there's a woman around Haviland perks up noticeably and Aradia is more than just a spoilt rich kid.

I guess I need to manage expectations in a better way or bring up some more moral choices that directly impact on the PCs beliefs. There have been a few but perhaps not enough for my liking. On the other hand, I am running this game on the understanding that there will be mighty magics and smiting of enemies. And there's been precious little shortage of this.

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