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Way to go!

Tonight's Start the Week with Andrew Marr is just an excellent introduction to several very interesting areas.

"[G]uests include Harvard politics professor Michael Sandel, who gives this year's Reith Lectures on A New Citizenship, addressing the 'prospect for a new politics of the common good' [i.e. moving away from the monetisation of everything].

Plus novelist Giles Foden on his new book Turbulence [wrote The Last King of Scotland and is about WWII weather forecasting, prediction and randomness], the developmental psychologist Bruce Hood on why he thinks we all have a 'supersense', the propensity to believe in the supernatural [a credible alternative to Dawkins' without the demonisation of religion], and astronomer Carolin Crawford on the science and beauty of nebulae."


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May. 26th, 2009 09:33 am (UTC)
Thanks for that Steve - "Supersense" is exactly the sort of book I've been looking for for quite some time. I've been getting completely hacked off lately with people like Dawkins wantonly dissing the "spiritual / irrational" drive, which is probably *the* central drive in human creativity. I could never understand how someone claiming to speak authoritatively about human culture and experience could deliberately ignore by far the larger part of the argument - our emotional, instinctive striving towards the "superhuman". With his blind atheism, Dawkins struck me as a blind man trying to talk authoritatively about colour. Hopefully the Bruce Hood thing will be a decent read... :-)
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