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Dragonmeet - Oh the horror!

Here are my PCs for for the Unremitting Horror game I shall be running at Dragonmeet tomorrow (the one from the book). I've run it before, under OGL horror, this time I'm going with D20 Modern for which I found a spiffing Excel character generator. There'll be lots of Will saves I guess.

All the PCs in my first run were students at the University of Greenwich and heavily into the drug scene. This provided an interesting backdrop for what happened in the game, but also meant that the game took twice as long to run as I'd expected.

This time I'm aiming for something with a bit less background action but with clear lines of involvement nonetheless. Perhaps I should compare against cavalorn's guidelines on adventure writing.

All these characters played in the same gaming group at Uni with Brandon, a PI friend who needs some help. They have decided to revisit past glories and have all got a week off from their various jobs to break out the dice for a game of D&D. I've stuck with the same Sarf London theme, mainly because it's what I know but also because most of the action is in Norf London and so this should hopefuly add to the dépaysment and horror

The PCs are:
A widowed and well-off mother of two living in Clapham.
A workaholic investigative journalist - mostly for the South London Press.
An ex-chemical engineer, now a landscape gardener, with one estranged child.
A benefit fraud investigator, partner of the gardener.
An ex-city worker turned golfing professional from Bromley.
A small-time drug dealer in Camberwell.

Be seeing you.

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